We hold several events within a year, ranging from annual conference to virtual webinars. These global conferences and events are meant to provide avenues for exchanging information, building relationships and network with other members in the profession.

Students’ annual leadership conference

This annual event usually records more than 300 student attendees with inspiring speakers, leaders in the profession and other key speakers.

At the annual students’ conference, our student members get to:

  • Learn about current up-to-date trends in the accounting and financial professions

  • Interact and network themselves with professionals in the field

  • Meet representatives of organisations looking to recruit interns and entry-level staffs

  • Meet the accounting and finance teams of local organizations

  • Enhance their resume and other professional networking profiles

The students’ leadership conference is a three-day period of learning, networking and fun and capacity building for our student members.

Annual Conference

This is a yearly event that features a host of seasoned speakers who are at the top rung of their professions.

Attendance at our annual conference usually exceeds 1000 attendees with special focus on career-enhancing sessions on modern professional trends and best practices.

Some of the featured sessions at our annual conference include:

  • Ethics of accounting and finance profession

  • Hot topics in accounting and finance

  • Reporting and control

  • Business skills and operations

  • Professional and leadership development

  • Small and medium enterprises

  • Planning and implementation

  • Modern technological trends in the profession, etc.


We conduct more than 30 webinar programs every year. Our webinars are designed to improve the performance of our members through exposure to modern trends and leadership thoughts in the profession.

Our webinar series

  • Strategic planning series: This webinar series is of great importance to management accountants as it focuses on strategic planning and management, and market analysis.

  • Leadership Development series: This is a webinar series that is designed to deliver the necessary knowledge and skills that will empower entry and intermediate level management accounts to become leaders in their profession.

  • Professional Development series: This series focuses on trending topics in the profession such as technology, data analysis, continuous accounting, revenue generation and expense reporting.

Our webinar policies

  • Our webinar uses web browser technology with audio broadcasting

  • A PDF certificate of completion can only be downloaded by members that recorded full attendance

  • Members can access webinars in the archive within five to ten working days after the live webinar.

Questions about the webinars can be channelled to, call or visit us in our office.