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We are a powerful and vibrant professional network of accountants with more than 5,000 members from various countries, highly talented in their field of profession.

We are committed to validating your expertise, opening new doors of opportunities and linking you up with a global network of professional accountants.

We are dedicated to connecting our members, providing guidance on professional matters by giving our members access to a broad range of resources that that offers highly valuable practical knowledge, availing them of career opportunities and other networking opportunities

Our reciprocal programme of professional services exchange is of vital importance to our members. To become a member, you must have become a chartered accountant in your country.


Our membership cuts across all levels of career. We are open to accepting membership from students to seasoned professionals.

Professional Membership

This membership is open to accounting and related career professionals. We are dedicated to widening the knowledge base of our members, honing their skills and granting them access to resources enhances their performance and gives them the ability to drive their organization’s performance.

Join us by downloading and filling an application form and paying an application fee of $39.99.

Academic Membership

This membership is open to academic professionals. Academic members have access to our case studies, webinars, research grants, mentor program, ethics curriculum and other materials and resources such as Educational case Journal with supplementary teaching notes, statements on management accounting, etc.

Academic members from accredited institutions are entitled to 50% discount of their yearly dues.

To become an academic member, applicants are to pay an application processing fee of $46.99.

Student Membership

This membership is open to students who are enrolled in a college or university with a minimum of six credit hours or equivalent per semester

Our student members are granted access to most of the benefits of professional members at a heavily discounted rate and are also entitled to more than 70% discount on their annual dues.

Student members have the opportunity of learning more about the accounting and financial practices profession, exploring their future career options, building their resume and networking with already made professionals in their future field.

Being a part of us gives you the following benefits

  • Certification

  • Credential

  • Continuing Education

  • Access to valuable materials and resources

  • Connecting to our online social network of professionals

  • Leadership conference

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