How to make an applique patch embroidery

If you are looking for the ways to make an applique Custom Embroidered patches , then we can for sure tell you the simplest steps. It is seen that these appliques are just the best way so that you can all jazz up your plain articles and just turn them into a fresh kind of thing. To make an applique and if you want to know how to apply applique, below are the steps:


Steps to make a patch embroidery:

You have to choose a design and also a fabric :

To make an applique, you have to opt for a simple layout. You also have to go for an online search so that you can get in hand the simple looking applique designs. If it is your first time, then you have to go for the Simpler sort of geometric shapes. In this way, it will be easier for you to sew around. You have to be careful while selecting the fabric for your design and too for your article. Try to go for the materials like that of light cotton.

Now trace your design right on a piece of paper:

After this, you have to take a pencil, with the help of thick strokes, you have to start tracing your design. Once you have done with the tracking, then you have to carefully and in the best way cut your design by using the pair of scissors.

You should trace your pattern right onto some iron-on interfacing:

When you are tracing then, you have to locate right on the smooth side of that iron-on interfacing. You should be using a fabric pen so that our finished design might not bleed right on your finished piece. This Iron-on interfacing is right there available at most of the fabric stores.  Then you have to iron the interfacing right onto the “wrong” side of yours fabric.  You should be using fabric scissors so that you can easily cut your design out from the fabric. After this step, your applique patch embroidery is all ready and set to be attached to a piece of paper.

Stick your applique on the base fabric:

Once you have done with the tracing of your pattern and design, then you have to stick up your patch with the base material of yours. You can use a glue stick, you can use a sewing machine, you can use any mode. You have to be very careful when you stick or iron on this patch on your base fabric and on front page.

It is all. If you do not like the patch designs from the market, then you can make them on your own by sitting at your home place. You only need few of the items, and this is all! When you are making this patch at your home place, then do not forget that you have to share your experience and all those moments with us. It has now become a trend that your jacket, shirt or pant should emboss with these embroidered patches. You should also be following this trend. Trust us that you will look fresh and much trendy enough in this kind of fashion. More of the information about these embroidered patches will give to you.