Different Types of Effective Homemade Pregnancy Test

Have you been in search of some of the easy and efficient homemade pregnancy test?  By keeping in view the latest technologies of medical and science, now in just a few seconds you can learn the fact that whether you are expecting or not. But most of the women do hesitate around in visiting the hospitals and clinics with the doubt in their minds that they have to feel ashamed in front of the doctor if she will not be expecting. But wait! Besides overlooking this whole condition, you still have the option to check the pregnancy at home. Do you know that there are so many effective methods of pregnancy test which you can easily do at home? visit for more www.charlies-magazines.com

Relevant and Effective Homemade Pregnancy Test

Test No 1: Dandelion Leaves:

On the first, we would be mentioning about the Dandelion leaves that are known out to be best methods for pregnancy check at home. You just have to cut down with the few leaves of the dandelion and then place them on the position of the flexible form of container. You should be sure with the fact that the leaves are not getting into contact with the sunlight. Before the test, you should hydrate your body by drinking maximum water. Now you will urinate on the leaves until and unless they do not get fully submerged in the urine. Now after few minutes if you do spot the red bumps on the top of the leaves it means that you are expecting.

Test No 2: Pine Sol Method:

It another one of the most common homemade pregnancy test. For the information of the readers, we would mention that Pin Sol defined as the form of the housing cleaning agent. You will be mixing your urine with the agent and wait for a couple of minutes. If the mixture will start changing its color, then it means that you are pregnant.

Test No 3: Bleach Method:

Highlighting at the next, we would bring you up with the name of bleach method that is another one of the effective ways to test your pregnancy. You just have to take the bleach and add it up with the urine inside the cup. If the mixture of the bleach starts forming the foam shape, then it means that the right news is on its way.

Test No 4: Toothpaste Test Method:

Toothpaste method is known out to be another one of the simple ways to check your pregnancy status. In this method you just have to take the one spoon that is full of toothpaste and urine in the plastic box. If the toothpaste would make the color of blue then soon, you will listen to the laugh of the baby in your home.

Well, these have been some of the valid and important methods related to the homemade pregnancy test. All the tests are straightforward and easy to carry out because the ingredients used in the methods are readily accessible in your kitchen places. You can try each one of these methods one by one without having any doubts in your mind because it would be showing any the negative impacts on your body or health.