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Different Types of Effective Homemade Pregnancy Test

Have you been in search of some of the easy and efficient homemade pregnancy test?  By keeping in view the latest technologies of medical and science, now in just a few seconds you can learn the fact that whether you are expecting or not. But most of the women do hesitate around in visiting the hospitals and clinics with the doubt in their minds that they have to feel ashamed in front of the doctor if she will not be expecting. But wait! Besides overlooking this whole condition, you still have the option to check the pregnancy at home. Do you know that there are so many effective methods of pregnancy test which you can easily do at home? visit for more www.charlies-magazines.com

Relevant and Effective Homemade Pregnancy Test

Test No 1: Dandelion Leaves:

On the first, we would be mentioning about the Dandelion leaves that are known out to be best methods for pregnancy check at home. You just have to cut down with the few leaves of the dandelion and then place them on the position of the flexible form of container. You should be sure with the fact that the leaves are not getting into contact with the sunlight. Before the test, you should hydrate your body by drinking maximum water. Now you will urinate on the leaves until and unless they do not get fully submerged in the urine. Now after few minutes if you do spot the red bumps on the top of the leaves it means that you are expecting.

Test No 2: Pine Sol Method:

It another one of the most common homemade pregnancy test. For the information of the readers, we would mention that Pin Sol defined as the form of the housing cleaning agent. You will be mixing your urine with the agent and wait for a couple of minutes. If the mixture will start changing its color, then it means that you are pregnant.

Test No 3: Bleach Method:

Highlighting at the next, we would bring you up with the name of bleach method that is another one of the effective ways to test your pregnancy. You just have to take the bleach and add it up with the urine inside the cup. If the mixture of the bleach starts forming the foam shape, then it means that the right news is on its way.

Test No 4: Toothpaste Test Method:

Toothpaste method is known out to be another one of the simple ways to check your pregnancy status. In this method you just have to take the one spoon that is full of toothpaste and urine in the plastic box. If the toothpaste would make the color of blue then soon, you will listen to the laugh of the baby in your home.

Well, these have been some of the valid and important methods related to the homemade pregnancy test. All the tests are straightforward and easy to carry out because the ingredients used in the methods are readily accessible in your kitchen places. You can try each one of these methods one by one without having any doubts in your mind because it would be showing any the negative impacts on your body or health.

Is Blue Waffle STD Uncurable?

You might listen to the name of blue waffle but what this blue waffles STD is all about? Doesn’t this question comes over in your mind again and again! It is to be mentioned out that STD is the abbreviation form of the Sexually Transmitted Disease. It has been all tested out by the medical investigation that blue waffle does take place on the high terms as in the form of the sexually transmitted diseases.  This can often make it call out as the placement of the disease that prominently makes its house in the place of vagina portion of the body. In simple, this ailment is the indicative of vaginal infection.

You Are Affected by Blue Waffle Disease! How to Know About It?

                In order to learn that whether you are affected by the blue waffle disease, there are countless signs as well as symptoms that you do need to figure out with. You will be getting yourself into the conditions as where the swelling sort of patches right into the portion of the vagina or you can even make it happen to notice as around the vagina and on the opening of the side of labia. This would at the same time be putting you into the conditions where you will encounter with the intense form of itching and also the condition of the burning sensation over the side of the vagina.

Blue Waffle STD Due to Unsanitary Objects! Possible or Not?

                  In the major signs of the blue waffle STD disease, it has been so many times mentioned out that you do get affected by the ailment because of the unsanitary objects! Is it really possible? It has been rather considered out by using the unsanitary items in the intercourse sex work would be raising the chances for the arrival of the blue waffles in your human body system. You are putting yourself in the self-pain by means of getting involved in using with some of the sharp forms of pointed objects. Moreover, as in view with the unhygienic situations, the area of the portion of the vagina will start bringing rise to the bacteria inside it easy method to do

Learn Main Symptoms About the Blue Waffle Disease:

Bringing on with the next, its time to talk about some of the main signs that are part of blue waffle STD disease! In the foremost signs, we would make you learn about the feeling of the persistent level of itching in the portion of the vagina, plus the swelling of the side of the vagina. It does even bring about with the situation of the vaginal discharge and pain. This pain or the discharge will suitably be taking place at the time of urinating and at the time of the sexual intercourse. In most of the circumstances, it is possible that the women would be getting into the emergence of the dark sort of red spots over the areas of the lips side of the vagina. This will be bringing for the humans a level of discomfort on the severe level.   The condition of occasional bleeding is possible much as well. Having the discoloring of the side of the vagina into blue is rather taken as one of the major sign related with the Blue Waffle. In the worst effect of the blue waffle the gray form of white discharge with the foul smell. This weird smell is much common after the sex.

What Is Meant By Sporrans and Its Types

There are so many people who do not know the fact that what important tips they should follow up when it comes to the choosing the right sporrans. People who are not much familiar with the terms sporran for them this post would come up as alot informative for sure. Let’s have a detail discussion about sporrans and how you should choose the best one visit this site for products https://scottishkiltcollection.com

What Are Sporrans All About?

               Sporrans are known as the essential form of the decorative item that is all said to be attached on one side of the kilt. As you will search around from the marketplaces, you will view that there are so many variety of styles and design incorporated within sporrans. For the information of the readers we would like to mention that there are three main types of sporrans such as full dress sporrans as well as semi dress sporrans and also the day sporrans.

  • Full Dress Sporrans: Full dress sporrans are known as the formal category of sporrans. They are high in rates too. The best thing about these sporrans is that they have the fashionable looking cantle that is adorned with the use of silver in it. They are also attached with at least 3-7 tassels that are said to be hanging over the side portion of the chains. You can choose them for the purpose of wedding or any sort of formal dinners.
  • Semi Dress Sporrans: On the next we have semi dress sporrans that are choose at the best for the semi formal events. They are beautifully embellished with the fur styling that is placed at the lower half side of the kilt. You can take them as best for the casual wear that is stitched with the use of leather in it. They are cheap in rates too.
  • Day Sporrans: On the last we will be having a discussion about the day sporran. This type of the sporran can be ideally selected as in favor of all types of functions. If you want to make the day sporran stylish looking then you can choose to mix it up with the jacket too.

If you do know that what sort of kilt you are looking for and in types of designs, then searching the best kilt do stand out to be easy task for you. You can make your search task even much more easy by the way of the online retailers. In majority of the countries finding the kilts and their major accessories are one of the most intricate tasks. As for this reason it has to be imported all the way from the UK. Therefore our best suggestion would be searching it from the online stores. You should know what sort of material is stitched inside the kilts and how many types of kilts are readily accessible inside the marketplaces for this purpose.


This was all about the sporran and its various types! No doubt that sporrans are considered to be one of the most important component of the kilts and hence in terms of buying the best kilt, it is equally important that you should select the best sporran as well.

Can Dogs Eat Garlic Easily?

Can dogs eat garlic so easily and that too on healthy ways? If you would be searching around on internet, you would be finding so much of the negative information as about the garlic and how much it is harmful for the dogs. But if you would turn other side of the story book, you would probably be finding so much of the informative facts as about the safest use of the garlic and in what situations they do offer reward to the dog’s health. Garlic is considered to be one of the most powerful and healthy sort of herbs that are beneficial enough for the dog. Garlic is being readily accessible into so types and categories and hence now the main question that do arise is that what sort of garlic would be healthy and beneficial safe for the dogs, visit for more info https://dogcarion.com

Type of Garlic As Safe and Healthy for Dogs:

                     Normally the effects of the garlic would be taking place as in accordance with the amount of garlic intake and the weight of your dog  as well. Most of the vest experts would come up with the recommendation that fresh garlic would come about as one of the perfect options to choose for the dogs. Dry garlic and in the same way the garlic supplements are followed up as well. Fresh garlic has the texture form that can be chopped away as well as minced or otherwise prepared and added to food.

Can Dogs Eat Garlic?

Information on Garlic Amount According to Dog Weight:

                     Now right through the below section we would discuss that how much amount of garlic should be consumed by the dog according to their weight.

  • 10-15 pounds of dog should consume half a clove of garlic
  • 20-40 pounds of dog should consume one clove
  • 45-70 pounds of dog should consume two cloves
  • 75-90 pounds should conume two and a half cloves.
  • 100 pounds should consume two and a half cloves.

Talk About Benefits of Using Garlic to Dog’s Diet Routine:

Garlic is said out to be one of the best known stimulant for the immune system. It do increase the level of bloodstream by boosting up the activity cells. It do keep the dogs away from facing any sort of attack or harmful cells appearance. If your dog is being affected from any sort of the cancer immune system issues, then serving them with the application of garlic is the right solution for you. Another one of the biggest benefit of the garlic is that it would help your dogs with the detoxification too. Garlic has the major component known by the name of garlic bulb that is best to improve the functioning of the dog’s liver.

Well all in all it is much difficult to answer around that can dogs eat garlic or not! But our whole conversation until now is making it much clear that eating garlic is healthy and best for the functioning of their inside body parts. Get ready to add garlic in your dog’s diet plan!

What Is Sugar Pregnancy Test? How Can It Be Checked?

It is a common fact that when you do feel the signs that now you are getting pregnant, you would 100% be visiting the doctor for sure. But have you ever thought about the fact that you can check your pregnancy at staying back at home by personal self-help? If not, then we are sure that this post would be coming up as a lot informative for you! Sugar pregnancy test is coming out to be one of the most efficient ways to check the pregnancy at home. It is a sort of traditional method and is also known by the name of DIY method as well. Here we would study how you should check the pregnancy test with the help of sugar.you can learn about from charlies magazines

There are so many reasons due to which a pregnant woman opt for the sugar pregnancy test and not for the medical doctor test. Below are some of the common main reasons:Why Should You Choose Sugar Pregnancy Test and Not a Medical Test?

  • It is mainly for the reason that the service that offered by the side of the doctor is very much expensive. A single ultrasound makes you pay the huge sum of the money.
  • Most of the times it might happen that it ‘s hard for you to visit the doctor or the pharmacy center for the pregnancy test. If you are fully have known how to do the homemade pregnancy test, then you can easily carry it out at home place.
  • In any pregnancy case, there are some secrets that are just favored to be kept in between the husband and wife. Most of the times you might feel that you are expecting, but you are not. If the doctor gives you the negative result of not being pregnant, then it can cause you to face embarrassment in front of the physician.

How To Check Sugar Pregnancy Test?

               Sugar test of pregnancy is known out to be one of the most inexpensive methods of checking your pregnancy status. All you have to do put the few amount of spoonsful of sugar into a bowl and then you will be going to add urine to it. Now you should start looking at the making of clumps of sugar. If the special sugar would start making some clumps, then this is the time that would get you learn that you are pregnant. But if the sugar will dissolve and took the shape of the liquid then you are not pregnant. It mentioned further that you should do this test early morning when the urine is in the concentrated form. If you are not able to do it early morning, then you should store the sample of the urine early morning and perform the task afterward & side effects of xanax


Nevertheless, there are so many signs on the natural basis that would make you learn that now it’s time for you to start expecting your babies such as vomiting, cramping and much more. It would be advisable that you should get into the discussion with the doctor or even any of your family friend before putting yourself into the involvement of the homemade pregnancy test or sugar pregnancy test. Your one single mistake can show some bad impact on your health and even if you are expecting.


How to make an applique patch embroidery

If you are looking for the ways to make an applique Custom Embroidered patches , then we can for sure tell you the simplest steps. It is seen that these appliques are just the best way so that you can all jazz up your plain articles and just turn them into a fresh kind of thing. To make an applique and if you want to know how to apply applique, below are the steps:


Steps to make a patch embroidery:

You have to choose a design and also a fabric :

To make an applique, you have to opt for a simple layout. You also have to go for an online search so that you can get in hand the simple looking applique designs. If it is your first time, then you have to go for the Simpler sort of geometric shapes. In this way, it will be easier for you to sew around. You have to be careful while selecting the fabric for your design and too for your article. Try to go for the materials like that of light cotton.

Now trace your design right on a piece of paper:

After this, you have to take a pencil, with the help of thick strokes, you have to start tracing your design. Once you have done with the tracking, then you have to carefully and in the best way cut your design by using the pair of scissors.

You should trace your pattern right onto some iron-on interfacing:

When you are tracing then, you have to locate right on the smooth side of that iron-on interfacing. You should be using a fabric pen so that our finished design might not bleed right on your finished piece. This Iron-on interfacing is right there available at most of the fabric stores.  Then you have to iron the interfacing right onto the “wrong” side of yours fabric.  You should be using fabric scissors so that you can easily cut your design out from the fabric. After this step, your applique patch embroidery is all ready and set to be attached to a piece of paper.

Stick your applique on the base fabric:

Once you have done with the tracing of your pattern and design, then you have to stick up your patch with the base material of yours. You can use a glue stick, you can use a sewing machine, you can use any mode. You have to be very careful when you stick or iron on this patch on your base fabric and on front page.

It is all. If you do not like the patch designs from the market, then you can make them on your own by sitting at your home place. You only need few of the items, and this is all! When you are making this patch at your home place, then do not forget that you have to share your experience and all those moments with us. It has now become a trend that your jacket, shirt or pant should emboss with these embroidered patches. You should also be following this trend. Trust us that you will look fresh and much trendy enough in this kind of fashion. More of the information about these embroidered patches will give to you.